How We Can Help

We can help with any of the following:

Milk fever, difficult calvings
Dietary issues, cows not performing
Cell counts / dairy hygiene
Forage preservation
Calf / lamb feeding and hygiene
Slurry crust / smell problems


We can supply the following products: 

  • Colustrum
  • Calf / lamb milk powder
  • Grass seed / Forage / Catch crop / Maize
  • Minerals / Custom minerals
  • Feed / Mineral tubs
  • Forage Additives
  • Rutland electrical fencing
  • Bedding
  • Sourcing
  • Yeast
  • Secure covers

Our Trading Partners

We are able to source materials, consumables and equipment for your business through a number of partnered businesses and organisations. Our partners include: 

Mike Lemmey Easy Calve Dry Cow Rolls 

Developed to reduce milk fever and modified to ease calving difficulties, increase cow fertility and milk protein. Using this system on his farm over 25 years Mike found it encouraged better stockmanship to such an extent that 97% of cows and heifers calved unassisted; total calf mortality was under 3% and no serious case of milk fever had occurred in over 3000 calvings.

  •  Now produced with an even better mineral pack including protected selenium
  • Require only 1 kg per head per day for last 3 weeks of dry period
  • Effectively 1 bag per cow
  • Available as standard A rolls or higher protein B rolls (contain Prairie meal)
  • Available nationwide 
  • Organic version also available